Urban Farming Workshop – Lee Mandell – Sep 16th

In this workshop, Lee Mandell from Boswyck Farms
(http://www.boswyckfarms.org/ ) will be teaching an inexpensive method for
growing fruits and vegetables hydroponicallly indoors!

This class will include a quick history of hydroponics along with an
overview of some of the many hydroponic methods, and it’s appropriateness
for different crops. Then Lee will lead the class in constructing their own
water reservoirs and associated parts to maintain their own gardens at home.

The cost for the pass does NOT include parts. You do not need to buy parts
for your own farm to participate, but you will get more out of the class if
you do.  The kit will be available for sell at the event.

The kit for the class costs $55


Complete self-contained hydroponic system capable of growing plants up to
the size of tomatoes, cucumbers or peppers. This is a drip based system and
runs on only a small aquarium type air pump. Easy to build, easy to use.


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