HTINK K12 (formerly STEM2GETHER) provides academic enrichment programs and professional development services that connect Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) concepts to issues of environmental justice, community development and workforce readiness. With extensive experience in curriculum design, program management and classroom instruction, HTINK works to create learning environments where students gain the skills and experiences essential to success in the 21st century workforce.

Young Maker Programs

The HTINK Young Makers program creates and supports informal learning environments in the New York City area for students to learn about design and tinkering.  In addition to working with traditional hand tools, students also learn about how the physical world interacts with the virtual world through electronics and physical computing.  We encourage self-directed learning, where students have extensive input about the projects they pursue.  Whether it is making their own video games, building robots, or creating interactive clothing, students create their own individualized projects while gaining a common set of skills that they can share with their peers. Through tinkering and making, participants develop their problem solving and computational thinking abilities.

School Based Academic Enrichment Programs (Young Makers for Schools):  HTINK provides hands-on, project based learning opportunities for students in grades K-12.  Facilitated in a collaborative environment, students explore STEM fields while gaining the academic self-esteem required for success in school and prepare themselves of careers in IT-related industries.  Course offerings include:  Physical Computing, DIY technologies, sustainability through engineering, LEGO Robotics, and Video Game design.

After School Enrichment Programs (Young Makers for Communities):  As industry leaders in informal education, HTINK’s after school programs provide students with opportunities to gain core Science and Math skills through play and exploration.  Through our classes, students learn to build circuits, design video games, and program their own robots.  Our instructors trained in constructivist practice and focus on the development of critical thinking and collaboration.

Professional Development Workshops (K-12):  HTINK provides curriculum development, PD workshops, and classroom-based support for STEM education.  Past topics have included incorporating machine fabrication into high school science curriculum, school-based LEGO robotics, and hands-on engineering for the K-8 students.  All workshops are aligned to NYS Standards and provide participants with curriculum outlines and assessment rubrics.

Professional Development Workshops for Technology Educators
HTINK can host day long or week long workshops for educators to learn about new technologies that they can use in their classrooms

•    Computational Thinking
•    3-D Modeling / Makerbot
•    Scratch
•    Arduino (Physical Computing)
•    Music (Pure Data)
•    Software Development / Web-based programming
•    Robotics
•    Graphic Design