Arduino Documentary & What I did

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I just thought it might be helpful to post a link to the arduino documentary, just in case anyone would want to watch it or send it to someone else:

Also, I thought I would just edit this post to say what I did last Wednesday:

I created what will eventually be a video game controller using a switch, potentiometer, and improvised soldering iron. (The soldering iron was actually much more helpful than scissors with cutting through the small hole. Yes, it was unplugged.)  It is a bit clunky, basically an enormous rectangle with some wires poking out the back, but my first priority was attaching the controls, not improving the appearance.


I don’t know how many buttons I should add, or even If I should add more buttons, but I hope that it could eventually control a Scratch game, with the potentiometer sending out (through the arduino, if possible?) a  numerical value and the switch only controlling on-and-off. Perhaps the game could have two states, with the light on and the light off, and both states could reveal certain things?




Also, the controller is pictured here:

And the back:

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  1. Nick says:

    Love this! Thanks for posting

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