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In future projects you will definitely see us using something called the ‘Arduino’ so I’ve decided to make a post on it, for all of you who don’t know what it is.

The ‘Arduino’ is a micro-controller, or an “I/O board” which you can connect outputs, such as lights, motors, buzzers, etc.  and Inputs,  such as buttons, light dependent resistors, potentiometers, etc.

It’s programming language is simply called ‘Arduino’ and is a derivative of C*.

Along with numerous other things the Arduino is:  powerful, open source, has a large, helpful community, and most of all… blue! ; )

The Arduino isn’t the only thing we will use in our projects, but it is a useful tool that you will see in many of our posts.

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  1. max.hamilton says:

    I heard from wikipedia that an arduino is a type of Australian chicken that feeds off forum administrators.

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