Le poste de Max

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I was, at first, meant to be using the freeduino, an alternative to the actual arduino. Despite me ruining a capacitor and having the freeduino completely ruined at my first try, I prefer the blue and white color scheme of the actual arduino to the eye-burning yellowness of the freeduino. I have done some projects, but they have not been very large or very successful. Rather than posting a picture of myself, since I only have one of my hand holding a mouse, I will leave a large blank space in this post for you to use your imagination to insert me doing something interesting, like using a soldering iron or possibly consuming a cake.



There are a few things I would like to say in this post, but I have yet to to think of a way to put them and I do not want what I have written so far to be destroyed by WordPress. So, if this post is successful, I will edit it later with more content.

2 Responses to Le poste de Max

  1. max.hamilton says:

    Administrators are like ninjas, you never see them coming, but when you do, you’re already dead

  2. Nick says:

    “or possibly consuming a cake”
    are you lying?

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