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This (above) is an op-amp powered guitar amp/synthesizer called “Scruffy”.
It has two inputs (1/4″ jacks) an on-off toggle switch, a potentiometer, a 1/4″ headphone jack, and the electronics; all enclosed in a approx. 3″ aluminum tin which was originally meant to be a candle holder.
Its circuit originated from here, and with a few minor changes I got it to have quite a few variations in sound, for example:
If you use the left input; you get a very punchy and edgy sound with the knob turned left. Turn the knob right and the amp turns into a basic synth!
However, the right input is quite the inverse; turn the knob left and you end up getting a very mellow/soft even muffled sound, the more you turn the knob to the right the cleaner the sound becomes.
Its powered by a single nine volt battery, and can potentially play two guitars (I haven’t tried yet).
I bought all the parts (except the tin and 1/4” jacks) from Radioshack, it cost me about ten dollars and took me about two hours to make.
If I was to make any adjustments I would probably throw a voltage regulator in the mix, and maybe some sort of volume control…
I would love to post my schematic if anyone wants to make a variation!
p.s. sound files coming soon
Here is the schematic:

2 Responses to Scruffy

  1. max.hamilton says:

    Nice! It looks a bit like some sort of disembodied robot head. Could you possibly post the schematic?

  2. Nick says:

    Yeah, the whole disembodied robot head thing starts to get really creepy when its all plugged in….
    the schematic is on the post (I cant put pics in the comments)

    I could help you build one if you want

    p.s. sorry about the crummy drawing.

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